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žThe Horse Cave Trio are hitting their stride and while no longer just a hellraising rockabilly band, they could very well break free from the region and be the opening act that makes the headliners work a little harder.› This is MichiganŪs next breakout artist, the ones thatŽll make you jump and shout and give you pause for reflection. Horse Cave Trio are radio ready and unstoppable.Ó
Alberto Rivera žThrust MagazineÓ

žThe›Horse Cave TrioŪs›Hart County›(Funky D) album is the latest release from›Tino Gross›(of the›Howling Diablos)Ūs Funky D Records, a label that is putting out some great stuff of late. This is certainly no different. The rockabilly-infused alt-country is filled with attitude, swagger and a shit load of fun. The cover of CashŪs žFolsom Prison BluesÓ is awesome, but the bandŪs own songs, from the opening žHart County Outlaw BluesÓ to the says-it-all žYoung, Sweet & FineÓ and fabulous. Go get on this horse.Ó
Brett Callwood žMetrotimesÓ

žHart CountyÓ is a sizzlinŪ slab of country roadhouse blues, sure to satisfy with every listen. Primarily a Žblues rockŪ album, this record still rolls hard in the country and will no doubt earn the boys more acclaim & an ever growing fan base. Never hesitate to catch the Hors Cave Trio live at a nearby roadhouse, Blues Fest, hot rod show or roots joint. Recommended!!Ó
Del Villareal žKar Kulture DeluxeÓ

žHorse Cave is not constrained by the past.› They work with it, keep the music fresh and new. ItŪs what they do.› There is no fear of engaging in cross-genre excursions.› That DeVore and company are a Sun Records inspired band cannot be denied. The Horse Cave Trio have taken the Sun sound of old and allow it to catch up to modern times.›ž
George Seedorf žThe Blog IsÓ›

"...one amazing power trio, roots, blues and hillbilly rock- like Elvis on steroids! With powerful drumming by Tony Bizon, L.A. Simon's rockin' guitar and Ron DeVore's thundering bass and gutsy vocals...the dance floor will look very inviting at a Horse Cave Trio Performance."

"I was a big fan of the Horse Cave Trio's first cd, but "Curb Service" is a big step forward. The Trio are'nt afraid to spread their wings stylistically and easily cover all of the musical bases between blues, rockabilly, country and good old rock'n'roll. Check out this disc and don't miss the band live!"
Jeremy Baldwin "The Roots Music Project" WEMU-FM

žThe HCT star is rising. Plain and simple, well-executed roots rockabilly is the specialty of these talented guys. This latest cd lives up to the pattern set by their first and by their live performances. All eleven songs were penned by the Trio and they rock! From the instrumental "Springwell Swing" to "Horse Cave Boogie" to "Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll", each and every one of these songs will have you tapping your toes and snapping your fingers. Play it through a few times and you'll be singing along, too. It's that kind of music"
Ed Murrow žOl Skool RodzÓ

"If you like your rockabilly served with a high-octane jolt, try these cats on for size. If you think of the Stray Cats with an Americana edge, you're on the right track. Starting off full-throttle with the hard driving, "Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll", these boys never let up"
Roger Lelievre Ann Arbor News

"if you're into rockabilly, swing, country, jump-jive, southern rock, rocking blues or garage rock, there's a good chance there's something on "Curb Service" that you can dig. Whatever you call this trio's brand of music, they do it with intensity and skill. Get in, sit down, shut up and hold on!"
Redneck Matt "Hillbilly Heaven Radio"

"Self described as "Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll", the Horse Cave Trio literally smoked their set when I saw them live! This band is HOT, but I had my reservations if they could reproduce the same intensity on disc. But, every song is great, catchy and compelling with a definite rockabilly vibe going on."
Kasha "Almost Famous Magazine"

"The Horse Cave Trio is the kind of band you can't stop listening to. Stop in the bar for a beer, hear these cats, and you are locked in for the rest of the night. This band induces maximum wiggle, your fingers start poppin' and your toes start tappin'. They're the real deal!!!"
Thayrone X "The Bone Conduction Music Show"

"That this urgent and unabashed neo-rockabilly essay is individuated with neatly-turned flourishes of hill country sway and old-time gospelizing is but one of two necessary information pieces. the other? These three kick ass!"››
Rockabilly Magazine

"Basic, unadorned rockabilly is what the Horse Cave Trio is all about. The only thing wrong with this CD is that it's too hard to pick a favorite from.
Alan Mayes žOl Skool RodzÓ